Do ceramic knives need to be sharpened?

While ceramic blades typically hold their edge longer than a steel blade, you will still have to eventually sharpen a ceramic knife, but less frequently relative to its steel counterpart. However, with proper care, you may able to go months – possibly years – before you need to re-sharpen your ceramic knife.


How do I sharpen ceramic knives?

Over time your ceramic knife may develop very small nicks that will make the blade feel dull. You can buy our electric knife sharpener for ceramic knives. It is the only sharpener for ceramic knives on the market that has an electric powered diamon wheel that can sharpen and hone the blad to restore that original factory edge.


Can I use a ceramic sharpening rod on a ceramic knife?

We DO NOT RECOMMEND using a manual sharpening rod or triangle that you use for steel knives, as it may chip the blade and ruin the knife.


But it says that it is a "Ceramic Knife Sharpener"? Why can't I use it to sharpen ceramic knives?

This is actually a source of tremendous confusion for ceramic knife customers. Most of the "ceramic knife sharpeners" you see online are actually knife sharpeners MADE OF ceramic, and are meant to sharpen STEEL KNIVES.

Make sure you buy a Knife Sharpener FOR Ceramic Knives, not a Knife Sharpener MADE OF Ceramic (hopefully that clears it up and we haven't confused you even more!).


How do I wash ceramic knives?

Ceramic knives are very easy to clean since food does not stick to the surface. Wash with mild soap and water or wipe clean with a damp cloth. DO NOT put it in the dishwasher because it may chip.


How do I get rid of ceramic knife stains?

Most stains can be wiped off with a sponge, warm water and mild soap; however, for the tough stains you can actually use denture cleaner. Dissolve 1-2 tablets in a cup or bowl and submerge the ceramic blade. Let soak for 24 hours, and if needed, scrub gently to remove any lingering stains.


What CAN'T I cut with my ceramic knife?

Ceramic knives are for slicing purposes only and should not be used for any other purpose.  It shouldn't be used for chopping, carving or any other heavy duty cutting.  Never "force" the cut; if it does not slice easily and you need to press down with pressure on the knife to cut your food, the knife blade can snap. Please do not do the following:

1. CUT BONES: Never use your ceramic knife to pry or cut into bones as this may cause the ceramic blade to chip, or the tip to snap off

2. CUT FROZEN OR HARD FOODS: Do not use on frozen foods or hard foods (carving large meats, carrots, potatoes, melons etc.) 

3. STRIKE A HARD SURFACE: Do not strike a hard surface with the ceramic blade (either sideways to crush garlic or blade-down to chop bones). Use only a wooden or plastic cutting board, as cutting on a hard surface may result in chips to the blade.

4. CUT CHEESE OR BREAD: Because you have to put downward force on the handle when you are cutting cheese and bread, it could snap



Can I keep my ceramic knife in the drawer with my other knives and silverware?

We recommend that ceramic knives be stored in Shenzhen Knives' In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block, or separate from your metal utensils. Chipping may occur upon contact with other utensils, which will make the ceramic knife feel dull when cutting.


If I drop my ceramic knife, will it shatter?

While it won't shatter into many pieces like a ceramic coffee mug, the tip can break off. Or, depending on how far the knife falls, it could break into a few pieces (we recommend that you do not test this out, though!).


I don’t have a ceramic knife, but I do have your ceramic peeler, how do I take care of that?

The ceramic peeler blade should be treated similar to the ceramic knife blade to avoid chipping the peeler's ceramic blade.


I didn’t read this page, and now my ceramic knife is chipped/broken/snapped in half, please help!

We understand that despite your best efforts, sometimes accidents happen, and unfortunately, ceramic knives do chip or snap (which is true of ALL brands of ceramic knives, not just Shenzhen Ceramic Knives). If so, please feel free to contact us at customer support or call our toll-free number: 866-983-2228.