The Shenzhen Knives Brand

We are a small business based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. We started out over 10 years ago with a mission to make quality ceramic knives affordable to the masses, and have since expanded into cutlery and cutlery accessories.

Making Things Better

Shenzhen products are designed not only to look beautiful in your home, but also to serve a more useful purpose. We listen to you and study our competitors, as we always ask “How can we make it better?” Our products are meticulously planned and designed to work better with your lifestyle. They work more effectively for your tasks, so that you don’t have to.

Our Creative Process

We sketch and create prototypes, then test them with real people. Our aim is to make ordinary kitchen products work better.

Quality, Affordable Design

We use the high quality materials like natural, long-lasting bamboo. Sure, we could design a shiny gold foil box to entice shoppers, but our bucks go into our products, not our packaging.


See the Shenzhen Knives collection now

I never thought I could love a knife block so much, but I really love this knife block...It can fit a lot--and I mean a LOT--of knives.


Wow, what a set of knives. These have to be the sharpest knives I've ever owned. The handles have a comfortable fit and the sizes are perfect for just about any kitchen cutting purpose.


I use a tomato skin as my sharpness test, laying a knife without pressure on the skin and drawing it. Before the Shenzhen, ceramic knife slides on the skin not even leaving a mark, after sharpening they slit the skin and draw into the fruit like a straight razor!


The 6" Shenzhen Chef's Knife is a great product, and the price s a great deal easier to pay than the price of a comparable Kyocera knife.

Stephen F

This is my first ceramic knife and the more I use it, the more I love it. I find that it's the first knife I go for. It slices tomatoes so easily, no matter how thin the slice or how tough the skin.