"Sliced through onions with ease..."

-The Wall Street Journal


I never thought I could love a knife block so much, but I really love this knife block...It can fit a lot--and I mean a LOT--of knives.


Wow, what a set of knives. These have to be the sharpest knives I've ever owned. The handles have a comfortable fit and the sizes are perfect for just about any kitchen cutting purpose.


I use a tomato skin as my sharpness test, laying a knife without pressure on the skin and drawing it. Before the Shenzhen, ceramic knife slides on the skin not even leaving a mark, after sharpening they slit the skin and draw into the fruit like a straight razor!


The 6" Shenzhen Chef's Knife is a great product, and the price s a great deal easier to pay than the price of a comparable Kyocera knife.

Stephen F

This is my first ceramic knife and the more I use it, the more I love it. I find that it's the first knife I go for. It slices tomatoes so easily, no matter how thin the slice or how tough the skin.



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